Billy Goat Stuff

About us and our luxury chocolate

Linda writes:

"I have intolerances to Dairy, Wheat & Gluten and was initially amazed at how many others who also suffered from these intolerances. This led me to create Free & Easy Cooking, and have my first cookery book published.

As I began to look at food labelling more carefully, I began to realise that I could substitute dairy foods such as cheese and milk with goats' or sheeps' products.

One of the things I missed was chocolate and I used to buy from Billy Goat's Stuff.

- now I can make it myself.

We have greatly expanded the range and have around 60 products for sale that include the Easter and Chocolate range. We produce White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate. We produce Peppermint Creams, Billy Goat Crunch, Heart Shaped Gift Boxes for that special person in your life and much more. We have seasonal ranges too - and have a great selection of chocolate for St Valentine, Mother's Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

We cater for Children and Adults - we have chocolate for that everyday fix, for children, and cater for that special person or event.

We also offer Favours for Weddings - please contact us for numbers and costs for Wedding Favours.

Every order received at Billy Goat Stuff is made fresh specifically for that customer.